Christian's Auction

Raising money to send Christian to Europeds!

About Christian

On July 8, 2009 our lives changed forever. Our 11 month old son, Christian, crawled through the doggy door, fell in the pool, and nearly drowned. Christian was not breathing and without a pulse for a very long time. The doctors tried very hard to bring Christian back to life. They were on they're last try when they asked us to come and be with him, seemingly to say goodbye. As we put our hands on Christian's leg, he came back to us. There was a pulse.

At that moment God gave him back to us. And from that moment forward we promised we would do whatever it took to help Christian recover.

Christian sustained a severe brain injury and lost nearly all function (physical and mental) soon after the injury. He could no longer talk, crawl, eat by mouth, cry, smile, or move voluntarily and he came home with a trache tube through his throat and a feeding tube hooked to his stomach. In the last eight months, Christian has worked very hard to gain more and more ability each day.

What Christian can do now:
  • cries (quite regularly)
  • moves his eyes together and focuses on objects and people
  • purposeful arm movements
  • rolling from side to back unassisted
  • rolling from stomach to side to back with help (little help when he's feeling feisty enough!)
  • head control, holding his head up unassisted for 30 seconds or more
  • greater ability to track objects
  • tasting foods
  • decreased tone and spasticity
  • No more trache tube!
Christian has made significant gains and all of this, we believe, is due primarily to God's grace and healing. We have also been fortunate enough through donations and fundraising to explore alternative treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and Anat Baniel Therapy.

Because there is no real standard of care for brain injury, in addition to physical and occupational therapy, we must rely on alternative therapy and treatments for greater gains and possible improvements for a better quality of life for Christian.

Christian's online auction is a way for us to continue alternative treatments and seek out new therapies to provide Christian with what he needs. We'll do whatever it takes for our little man!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

The Quintero Family