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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Decoupage Fairy Picture in Frame

Once upon a time, a mother asked Albert Einstein what she should read to her scientifically minded son. "Fairy stories," he replied. "And then what?" the mother asked, awaiting the names of complicated treatises. "More fairy stories," Einstein answered.

A plucky little girl from the 1951 Sears catalog was cut out, colored with watercolor markers and then introduced to a scanned page from "The Yellow Fairy Book", specifically "Thumbelina". She was so enamored of fairy tales, she sprouted fairy wings herself, once from an Atlas Moth (scanned onto paper), and then grew a pink water lily to wear in her wavy hair. She is now happily settled among wide, woven sage green ribbon and dramatically framed. She is meant for your wall to remind you to read more fairy tales.

Decoupage, ribbon, scanned found images, watercolor markers and glue. Matted and framed, this piece measures 10x16".

Starting Bid: $10
Donated by Meg Rothstein
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