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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Europeds Fall Blogction

The Europeds Fall Blogction is coming soon!

The Europeds Blogction will be held Tuesday, September 14th through Friday, September 17th, ending at 8PM, Arizona time.

We are now accepting donations for the blogction. If you are crafty, make things, personalize things, have an etsy store, like to bake, or have a service you'd like to donate, please contact me. We're accepting donations for jewelry, chocolate and sweets, gifts/giftcards, baby/kids stuff, and services.

This blogction will directly benefit Christian. We have an upcoming intensive therapy trip at Europeds in Pontiac, Michigan. We've saved enough for the overall cost of the trip along with the physical therapy program, however, there is a small portion that is out of pocket and not covered by insurance that includes physical therapy with Suit Therapy. This is what we're fundraising for!

**If you're new here, take a look around! You'll find examples of how we ran our last blogction! It's really easy and you'll find directions here."
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